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These days, with the world seemingly in a never-ending state of tumult (I wrote recently on the probable source of the problems – WWIII may have already started) I find my mind wandering off-piste, as it were. Instead of the main thought thoroughfares of work-related matters, relationships, past-times and what to have for supper I find myself pondering about “what if”. What if we were shaken from our comfortable lives and everything was turned on its head.

In a worst-case scenario; some sort of biological, chemical or nuclear attack for example or perhaps a natural cataclysm like a meteor strike, it is common knowledge amongst those in power that the country will be ill-prepared to cope. Within two weeks there would be massive civilian dead, a disastrous collapse in vital establishments, and mass civil strife. The supply of food, electricity and transport infrastructures would all break down.

With these scary thoughts running seemingly unchecked throughout my troubled mind I decided to put together a six point survival plan which I am now going to share with you. I hope it isn’t ever needed, but I suppose it is far better to have a strategy for survival and not need it as opposed to the opposite.

Safety in numbers
Do not try to sit out the period of turmoil alone working your way through a mountain of tinned produce. It may be very tempting to just run and hide in a well-stocked bunker, but in a post-apocalyptic world, there is really only safety in numbers. It may be natural to view others as a threat in this sort of situation, but if you do not seek out help and try to go it alone, you are a target in a harsh, new dog-eat-dog world. The old adage is “safety in numbers”, and it is as true today as it has always been.

Get out of the city
You will probably need to leave your home and away from urban areas and the dangers that may grow there. When resources become scarce, any area where there are a lot of people will be very violent as all the masses compete for ever-dwindling resources. However, it is probably not a good idea to keep going as far as you can into the wilderness where there are no other people, however tempting that may be. Your best bet is a semi-rural location where you can band together with others and work together to survive.

Find water and land
The most important thing you will need access to is fresh, running water along with somewhere to grow vegetables. In the event of a major cataclysm within a very short while the road networks will be clogged up with stationary vehicles and all the supermarkets looted and empty. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, you will need to grow food, and you will need to band with others to make toiling the land possible.

Communication is key
It will be quite important to establish communications as early as possible. You will need to know what is going on and keep abreast of authoritative broadcasts. Without power, this will be difficult so it will be an excellent idea to invest in a clockwork or solar-powered radio. When you have banded together with a group, you will also need to establish communications between yourself and if possible a chain of command. It will be necessary to install a leader which may or may not be yourself. Only by doing this can your fledgeling society have structure and this, in turn, will aid everyone’s survival.

Do not trusy anyone
Do not trust anyone and this most assuredly extends to law enforcement and “authority” as they may very well not have your best interests at heart during this time. It is true to say that every government around the world will have contingency plans for catastrophe’s, it would be surprising if they didn’t. However, we are not permitted to know what they are. All the information about the plans for societal collapse in the event of a cataclysm will be classified top secret.

One thing we can probably surmise is that the plan will involve the deployment of heavily armed forces on the streets, both police and army, to maintain order. This is yet another reason to move as quickly as possible away from urban areas. They will almost certainly have the mandate to shoot to kill looters and rioters. There will be no notion of justice, the armed forces will be judge, jury and executioner. It would, therefore, be prudent to stay as far away from them as possible, and if you do encounter them, you would be unwise to trust them. We will have moved into a scenario where the armed forces have all the power and democracy has been put on hold. To survive, you will need to be sceptical, cynical and untrusting.

The truth is that the instant we swing into a state where abruptly the police and army, an unelected minority of people, have all the power, and where all of the regular political processes are suspended, then it is entirely logical that we maintain a level of scepticism. We need to be asking when the situation is likely to end and at what point is the temporary suspension of our normal constitution going to revert to the usual way of things?

In essence, the checks and balances of a modern democracy are there for a reason so once they have been suspended, then we are right to be concerned and vigilant of authority.

Dig in
We will have to face the fact that we may have to survive in this self-sufficient manner for a good while. We have some agricultural land, perhaps we have some solar powered generators and a rudimentary communications network, and we are managing to exist on a day to day basis, but we must ask an important question: How long will it take for the civilised, modern industrial society we once knew to be reconstructed? It could be a very long while before everything is safe it may even take up to a decade. That is a very long time to spend in a small farming community living hand-to-mouth with only a tiny understanding of what’s going on in the real world? Could you cope with this? Will you have what it takes? Well, the ones who survive long enough to find out will undoubtedly have their answer.

You can put yourself slightly ahead of the curve by purchasing a survival kit in advance. You may think that unnecessary right now or may fear ridicule but rest assured your friends will not be laughing come the day you may have cause to need such a thing!

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This survival kit really does have everything you need to get you through those very difficult first few days. It even includes the all important clockwork radio I alluded to earlier.

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