On the playing fields of Eton

My dearest reader I know I am writing to you today while the country, our once brave nation, is in a state of flux and unprecedented tumult. However I want to recount to you a tale which I can assure you is as astonishing as it is true. It starts at Eton public school with our Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, a man hand-picked for high office by unseen hands behind the velvet curtain. A man, who by his own admission was born with not one but two silver spoons in his mouth. It continues to Boris Johnson who went to Eton a few years earlier than Mr Cameron and who excelled there and was classed as “remarkable” by his masters, whilst Cameron was scarcely remembered at all. The fact that the former beat the latter to the “top job” despite being 2 years younger and despite his “inferior intellect” (even though Cameron obtained a far better degree than Johnson at Oxford) needles Mr Johnson greatly and this goes an awful long way in explaining why he joined the “Leave” campaign in the first place, much to everyone’s consternation and despite his previous “pro-EU” stance. So on each side of the great EU referendum divide we have two great rivals quite prepared to score political points off each other without mind to the risks of collateral damage. I suppose we should all explore why we had to have an EU referendum in the first place.

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