Narrative is such a seemingly humdrum word but has power so extraordinary that it can alter perspective and force our consciousness into an alternative timeline. It does not appear to be controlled by a single entity but rather gains its power from universal “groupthink”. The stronger it gets, the more devastating it becomes.

When Theresa May called the General Election back in April (seems so long ago now), she was riding high in the polls, and her personal approval rating was “off the charts”. The narrative at the time contended that she was strong, stable, powerful and a latter-day Margaret Thatcher. Just the sort of person required to take this once great nation through the dark tunnel of Brexit negotiations and out the other side, to the sunlit uplands and a better, fairer more prosperous nation.

Well now the narrative has carried out a swift about face and with stunningly cruel and ruthless efficiency now paints Theresa May as beleaguered, weak, out of control and an object of ridicule.

Maybe she was never very good to begin with and the original narrative was wrong and the new one correct. Or perhaps there is a narrative trying to make its voice heard, one where she is just the same as everyone else.

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