What if everything you thought you knew about Donald Trump was wrong?

Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and the future of US politics

What if everything you understood to be true about President Trump was false? How would that change your view of the world? Reflect on it for a moment, can you think of a single thing to say about the man that is anyway positive? Why is that? I presume you don’t personally know him, so you are reliant on third parties for your information? What if you were being manipulated?

Your antipathy toward Mr Trump is maybe so strong that you cannot even countenance any viewpoint other than a resolutely negative one. Yet you will happily believe the man paid to urinate on Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room but pour scorn on the possibility that it is Mr Trump who is on the right side of history. In any case, I will ask you to suspend this antipathy for a short while you read the following:

I do not present this as a statement of fact but merely as an equally (and in many ways more) probable explanation of precisely what is going on.

What if what is happening to Mr Trump is the result of a failed takedown by quite possibly the worst criminals in American history? This is a tale of a failed sting operation, a dodgy dossier, illegal spying, heroism and the fight against some very dangerous people.

Firstly let us examine how maybe Barak Obama and the Clintons, with all their cronies, abused power to try and take out an innocent man with a failed sting operation and the infiltration of candidate Trump’s campaign team.

In this scenario, George Papadopolous was used by Fusion GPS (a Washington based commercial research and intelligence firm) to infiltrate trump’s campaign and to set up a meeting with Russian insiders.

Mr Papadopolous has links to a certain Sergei Millian who could very well be a Russian spy, infiltrated into the USA as a long-term plant, a well-known Putin strategy (How Russian spies infiltrated suburban America – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/jun/29/russian-spies-suburban-america)

It is entirely possible that Mr Millian was also the primary source for the Fusion GPS Steele dossier.

Recent federal indictee Paul Manafort was used by the Podesta Group and/or Fusion GPS to infiltrate the Trump campaign, for the same purpose as George Papadopolous.

Essentially Manafort was a hired gun for Moscow, but at the same time was able to maintain his connections with the US political institutions, especially the Republican Party.

He had served as a campaign manager/advisor in several major Republican campaigns. Therefore Mr Manafort seemingly had perfect US cover.

In 2006, he purchased an apartment in trump tower and was residing there during the campaign.

For the Fusion GPS “sting” he was the perfect person to put in front of Mr Trump, who would have viewed him as a known entity having had dealings with him in the past.  An old NYC businessman with an impeccable Republican Party record, who actually lived in trump tower, perfect!

Papadopolous and Manafort both used the same modus operandi to burrow into the Trump campaign team.

Papadopolous approached the campaign team drawing on his very brief experience with the Ben Carson campaign, while Manafort approached Mr Trump with emails and memos, reminding Trump of his expertise and network. Manafort appeared to be very keen to join up, and both men offered to work as volunteers, for free.

They seemingly arrived at precisely the right time – the Trump team was campaigning with feverish energy and was preparing for the nomination. They were distracted and clearly needed all the help they could get.

Manafort and Papadopolous also both used the same method to try and get Trump and his key people to meet with Russians.

Russians would contact the campaign, promising devastating dirt on Hillary Clinton, while the insiders would work to get the meeting.

Papadopolous failed, and when Mr Mueller came calling, he destroyed the evidence and lied to the FBI in an attempt to conceal what he’d been up to.

Manafort, however half-succeeded, snaring Donald Trump Jnr and Son-in-Law Jared Kushner in the infamous June 9th meeting. Luckily, Kushner and Trump Jnr aborted the session

It’s likely that the ‘woman’ in both situations was one and the same – Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian or possibly pro-Putin Ukrainian spy. Her cover? A lawyer, fighting the Magnitsky act (US Russian sanctions)

Both Papadopolous and Manafort would have been instructed to create a trail of emails, memos and phone calls so that all the connections could be recorded. It is entirely possible Papadopolous may also have worn a wiretap.

Ultimately, however, the effort to connect Trump to Russia failed, but enough smoke was created, and Mr Trump’s enemies still had another card up their sleeve – the infamous Steele dossier.

The dodgy dossier.

The Steele dossier was comissioned by Fusion GPS and was written between April and June 20th (the actual date on file) by Christopher Steele, an ex-covert operative for the UK.

Steele had been the point man for MI6 in Moscow. It’s still unclear how he came to the dossier content, but he appears to have been played by Russia’s FSB and Sergei Millian in particular.

It contains a scene where Mr Trump is urinating on prostitutes in an unsecured hotel room. It held that the FSB had the whole sorry spectacle on video, as well as other taped incriminating evidence.

All this, in spite of Trump having one of the best and feared security teams on earth with him around the clock, notwithstanding him being a teetotal germophobic, obsessed with privacy and detail and regardless of his being a shrewd and cautious operator, with massive experience in the merciless US construction sector.

The Steele dossier does read like a piece of amateurish fiction and as such no one would publish it.

But in the wild, fevered atmosphere of US politics and culture in 2016, it was still useful to enemies of Mr Trump.

Rumours started circulating around the media and political establishment about the dossier before and after June 20th. Although nobody would actually publish it, the word was out and began spreading like wildfire.

Those who hold Barak Obama in the highest of esteem may want to stop reading at this point because the next section involves him, front and centre,  in potentially one of the biggest scandals in American history. It basically means the sanctioning of illegal spying on Donald Trump and his campaign team with the explicit objective of using unmasking and surveillance to bring Trump crashing down.

So, how are they going to achieve this? In this case with FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) and a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) warrant.

In around June 2016, the first application failed. It had targeted Trump, Manafort, Page and Epshteyn. However, the real target was, of course, Mr Trump.

Considering 99% of requests are granted it must have been quite a poor effort so they tried again but this time with a much narrower focus – a server in Trump Tower, which had been allegedly transmitting funds between Russian banks and the Tower. But at the same time ask for a broad spying remit – on anyone in the tower, mainly.

By October 15, 2016, the FISA warrant had been issued and spying on Trump et al. in Trump Tower commences.

Back to August 2016 and Hillary Clinton is concerned.

The DNC had been ‘hacked’ (or a leak has occurred), and the rumours are that WikiLeaks have everything.

Although FBI Director Comey had somehow cleared her, Mrs Clinton’s private email server crisis was worse than ever, perpetually spinning around her.

By the month of May, candidate Trump had won his first national poll. He is campaigning terrifically, an unbelievable performance. That was not part of the plan.

Wikileaks had dropped a bomb on the DNC convention revealing that Hilary Clinton had effectively cheated her way to the nomination. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/02/former-democrat-chairwoman-donna-brazile-accuses-clinton-campaign/)

So what to do? Maybe use the dossier again? The major problem with that tactic is that the dossier is of questionable quality and no one will publish it.

So the plan is to dust it off and somehow get Congress to express their concern at its existence and questionable content to give it some legitimacy. Apparently, everyone in Congress hates Mr trump so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to do this.

Enter Democrat Harry Reid and Republican John McCain. Then all they need to do is get it to Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe at the FBI using formal channels (although they were likely to have known about it since the previous May and could even have part-financed it).

So on August 27th, we have Harry Reid’s formal letter to Director Comey, referring to the dossier and requesting an investigation.

On the 30th October, Mr Reid writes again to Director Comey, this time demanding an investigation.

With the trap seemingly set they sit back and wait for what they believe to be the inevitable Clinton victory.

On November 8th Mr Trump stuns the world with his presidential election win.

Now they must spring the trap, so on November  18th, John  McCain says he has learnt of the dossier’s existence and applies pressure on Director Comey, as well.

By December 9th Mr McCain is “very concerned” and gives the dossier to Comey and McCabe.

By the end of the year, the FBI has commenced an investigation into “Trump-Russia” based purely on the dossier.

It should now be becoming a little clearer how this might have worked and how certain parties colluded in an attempt to sabotage and bring down Mr Trump as a dossier goes from something nobody will touch to a Department of Justice and FBI top priority justifying FISA warrants and FBI investigations. Along with, it should be reiterated,  congressional, bipartisan support thanks to Mr Reid and Mr McCain.

The concerning thing is the FBI, and the Department of Justice were already well aware of Mr Manafort and his activities. They had begun an investigation into his affairs in 2012, using FISA court approved surveillance.

The FBI wanted him for money laundering and tax evasion, and he was working with the Podesta group while this was going on. The worrying thing is that this investigation went nowhere, it appears to have been shut down, the question is by whom?

So who was Director of the FBI at this time? Why no other than the man of the moment Mr  Robert Mueller.

Had Mueller learned about the Podestas, and the Clintons and informed Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder about it? And was he then ordered to shut the probe down, against his will? Maybe that was when Mr Mueller realised just how bad things had become and that he was now, in fact, compromised.

Let’s now fast forward to 2016. We can assume Comey and McCabe knew all about the 2012-2014 Manafort/Podesta probe and yet they never disclosed any of this to Mr Trump. In fact, nobody did.

Comey and McCabe, acting like Clinton praetorian guards, seemingly watched while the distinctly dodgy Manafort ingratiated himself into the Trump campaign team. It is difficult to come to any other conclusion other than it was deliberate.

It would seem they shut down the email scandal, let the Fusion GPS/Podesta sting operate and played their role legitimising the dossier. They then opened an FBI investigation, knowing Trump-Russia story to be a total fabrication.

It would be wise to remember that at this time, everyone thought Mrs Clinton was a certain winner (a “slam dunk” as Americans like to say). Even if you weren’t directly working with her, why get on her wrong side? Everything wrong would merely be expunged after her assured victory.

There was one big problem for all of those concerned, a fact that their arrogance had blinded them to.

Trump knew.

Not only did he know but he understood exactly what they were up to, the entire time.

Trump knew Manafort had betrayed him and also knew Papadopolous and Manafort were explicitly hired to burrow inside his campaign. He knew about the sting, fusion GPS and the Podesta group. He even knew about the illegal spying, and he knew McCabe and Comey were not what they purported to be. He also knew that the whole sorry spectacle had been orchestrated by Clinton and Obama.

It is entirely possible the reason he knew all of this was because of the much derided and ridiculed General Michael Flynn.

Flynn had served in the American military and defence for over thirty years and had full security clearance. Despite being ousted by Obama in 2014, Flynn would have known exactly what was going on and would have maintained his intelligence community contacts. Far from being the traitor, many like to paint him as it may transpire that he is an American hero.

Given all this it is quite likely, Flynn told Trump he was being set up when Manafort started his overtures. He probably also flagged up Papadopolous as a plant too.

As a master of the dark arts of spying and subterfuge, it is entirely possible Flynn had also identified that Comey and McCabe weren’t disclosing what they knew to trump.

The Art of War
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From the moment Manafort and Papadopolous started their infiltration, Trump knew everything and has continued to ever since. Trump and Flynn, together at first, but soon with Bannon and sessions, began planning the fightback.

As we now know the plan to discredit and destroy Trump had failed, and he was elected President of the USA, against all the odds and everything that was stacked against him. Seemingly a miracle had occurred.

Nevertheless, Clinton and Obama kept going. They tried to undermine trump’s election, inauguration and his ultimately his presidency.

Back came the dossier, which was eventually published by Buzzfeed on 12th January 2017. It failed once again.

This is the quite staggering reality of the counterview: The Clinton campaign and Obama administration colluded with Putin’s people, as well as Congress, to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign, inauguration and presidency.

They funded, planned and coordinated a campaign together, to take him down.

High crimes were committed in trying to do so, chief amongst them being treason, sedition, subversion, racketeering and perjury.

They were quite prepared to ruin people and divide a nation, wreck marriages and families in the execution of their plan. Based on a falsehood.

That Falsehood? Trump and Putin’s Russia colluded to steal an election and hand America to the Russians. The objective was power. Clinton as POTUS was in everyone’s interests.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, utilising the Clinton foundation, had become obscenely wealthy selling out the country with ‘pay for play’.

Russia needed Clinton as President. Putin was achieving critical strategic aims and had influence over the Clintons and Obama.

Obama needed Clinton. He had compromised his presidency and sold out the country to protect the Clintons.

He was also a fervent anti-American ideologue and globalist. Clinton’s agenda was perfect for him.

The DNC and Podesta group needed Clinton so that their gravy train of money kept them going.

The Comey, McCabe, Holder, Lynch and Obama administration flunkies all needed Clinton.

Even the Clinton media proxies, who had unique access to the inner sanctum of power, needed her.

Now if any of this narrative is correct then the coming days, weeks and months will see a political earthquake of such massive proportions that the world, quite literally, will never be the same again.

Full credit for the reasearch and timeline of this piece goes to Imperator_Rex


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  1. Nailed It!
    For all the blind hatred and name calling; of this man, I have yet to have ANY internet poster give me valid evidence to back up their shouts of: “RACIST! NAZI! WHITE SUPREMACIST!!”. One group is tearing this country apart.
    It needs to stop. Hopefully without violence.

  2. rubbish! Why would Putin want Hillary when she was determined to have a confrontation with Russia in Syria, wheras Trump wants peace and lifting of sanctions against Russia

    1. Well,, maybe because she already sold his ass 20% of our uranium. They already had a good thing going together. He gets what he wants, she gets paid.

    2. Money.See Hilary can be bought.all putin would have to do is donate money to her charity like he did with uranium one deal. She sold our uranium to russia.When Clintion was sectary of state qutar,iran and iraq where giving her money to over throw syria so they could finish their pipeline.She was paid to over through liybia.The point is the clintions are dirty &have been for decades.There is at least 400 “sucides” of ppl who where about to testify against them.

  3. This is the only succinct explanation of the (deliberately?) garbled account we get from the “press.” Thanks for publishing it. I’ll fwd to a number of others.

  4. Makes a lot of sense, but as you said our enemies are very powerful and dangerous people. I hope our President will prevail and we will get our country back. MAGA

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