Firstly welcome, I hope today is treating you well. You have arrived at the “about” page of my site. I can only assume you are here for one of three possible reasons. Firstly you have clicked on the menu link in error. Secondly, you have been delivered here erroneously by one of the search engines or lastly that you would specifically like to know more about yours truly. If it is the latter, I am genuinely touched by your interest. Please read on, and I will attempt to enlighten you.

I am a man of letters. I have written several books under various nom de plume. I believe I have been born at the wrong time. I am a man of means and a director of several, varied businesses. I own a racehorse. I have been involved in politics but became disillusioned with the illusion of democracy. I seldom get angry and am always courteous and well-mannered. I have studied Buddhism and try to live by its teachings. I am fond of absinthe and rock music but also adore classical music. I have met Howard Goodall.

I believe that may be enough to be going on with but more will be revealed in my regular postings.

As for the website, well it has only one real purpose, and that is for me to elucidate you, my magnificent visitor, on the minutiae of my life. Along the way, I hope you may discover something beyond, something about life and the living of it and perhaps something about yourself. They do say when we embark on a journey the first person we meet at our new destination is ourself. Let us, together make that person the best possible version of ourselves.

Good day and Godspeed!